Internal Flame

Nothing is what is seems but is its all exactly how its supposed to be. How is this possible? Ego. With our consciousness we view life from the ego perspective therefore we do not see life or who we are in its real essence. We see through our eyes (I's) not our heart. But we are all exactly were we are supposed to be? Due to the fact that we are living a human experience from the ego perspective the end goal is to learn through our humanness who and what we really are. Evolution has never stopped. Our intellect has excelled immensely over the last 2,000 years! But evolution hasn't stopped. Our egos have grown and are in the process of gradually changing our consciousness from perceiving and creating life with eyes (I's) to the perceiving and creating life from the soul heart level. If you must go through the pain you are going through, the anger, the jealousy so you can continue evolution! Therefore life is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to be. We live in a grand divine order! Everything happens for a reason. All you have to do is wake up!
So the next time you are in pain feel it from a different perspective. Know your pain is growing you! Learn from it! Feel it to its fullest move past it and love life! Life is changing as we speak it's empowering to know it doesn't end in pain. We are in the process of evolution and we are recognizing our divinity in us as one, Love Life! as Martha Burgess would say our divinity is in our humaness!